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Common Complaints

Some Common Foot Complaints

Heel Pain

Heel pain is a common foot problem across all ages. Whether it’s because of over use due to high levels of exercise or wearing the wrong shoes. Here at footsense we will take a thorough examination of the body as a whole and any factors which may contribute to the pain you are getting at the heel.

Ingrown Toenails

Do you feel pain when you punch the sides of your toenail together? Is there a dull but lingering pain you feel in your toes when wearing tight fitting shoes? these are signs of the toenail growing into the sides of the nail called the nail fold. If you can relate to this book in at footsense podiatry today for a consultation with one of our podiatrists where we carefully remove the nail or whatever factor that drives the pain with precision.

Fungal Nails

Toenail looking a bit yellow? A bit thick? Or just don’t like the look of the nail? At footsense we will educate you on how to manage the fungal nail and treat the odd looking fungal nail with the latest in podiatry fungal treatment modalities

Cracked Heels

Also known as heel fissures, cracked heels is often associated with lower attention to foot care. Closely associated with dry feet, symptoms include red or flaky patches, peeling and cracked skin, itchy skin and bleeding or discharge from cracks.  Some causes of cracked heels are wearing no shoes or open shoes, deficiency of vitamins, minerals and zinc, carrying extra weight, naturally dry skin, psoriasis or eczema and constant exposure to water.  Cracked heels are easily treated with regular podiatry care, the use of moisturising creams and wearing closed in shoes.

Flat Feet

Also known as Fallen Arch or Pronated Foot. Is a postural deformity that is usually a result of genetic predisposition.  It is when the ankle or subtalar joint roll over and causing the arch of the foot to collapse, resulting in your foot contacting the ground in its entirety (inclusive of the arch). Orthotics and correcting footwear choices are the most common treatment to give back that arch support.

Dry Feet

This is usually caused by a lack of moisture in the skin and can be identified by a number of symptoms. These can include itchiness, redness of the skin, rough skin and flaky skin. Causes of dry feet include cold weather, aging, skin conditions that dry the skin (Eczema), poor circulation and long periods in the sun.  Dry feet are easily managed by your podiatrist and by using skin moisturiser at home.

Shin Splints

Do you experience pain in the lower region of the leg between the knee and the ankle when you run? Chances are you have shin splints. Shin splints is the most prevalent lower leg injury that affects a broad range of individuals. Shin Splints are caused by undertaking high impact exercise on hard, non-compliant surfaces, over pronation,  low fitness levels or getting involved in high level activity too quickly (too much too soon).  Shin splints are easily managed with stretching exercises, controlling foot position with shoes and orthotics and sometimes a period of rest.

Thickened Toenails

Our toenails thicken and harden naturally as we grow older, but it can prematurely occur. When this happens, it is most commonly due to infection or injury. Thickened toenails can be painful and difficult to cut and this may increase their susceptibility to infection.  The most common infection that occurs in the toenails is fungal in nature and can also lead to significant discolouration.  The best form of treatment is regular podiatry care, at home medical solutions to apply prevent reinfection.