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Podiatrists are University trained and qualified to diagnose and treat foot and lower limb complaints. In the UK, you will more commonly hear the term Chiropodist. We are the specialists when it comes to anything foot or lower limb related and we can often assist with knee, hip and back complaints too.

Our Patients

We enjoy seeing a great variety of patients at Footsense Podiatry. From young children to those more seasoned and everyone in between. We see children with developmental concerns, teenagers in growth spurts, sports people, pregnant women and those who are unable to reach their toes like they used to.

We are fully endorsed with Medicare and the Enhanced Primary Care Plan and the Department of Veterans Affairs. We are very happy to take referrals for these services.

You do not need a referral from your GP to be seen as a private patient however we will liaise with your GP if you allow, to ensure a comprehensive service is provided. We are registered with HICAPS and can claim your benefit refund on the spot.


Additionally, we see the following complex risk groups


Diabetes can affect the blood supply to your feet and if left untreated, can lead to amputation. We provide routine footcare; cutting nails, debriding hard skin, and also specialist treatment for diabetes related ulcers.

Peripheral Vascular disease

Similar to diabetes, when blood supply does not reach the feet as it should, specialist care must be undertaken to prevent unnecessary difficulties.

Complex Foot problems

Complex foot problems such as psoriasis and morton’s neuroma require treatments such as debridement and patient based education on general well-being and self-care. If you or someone you know may be suffering from these clinical conditions please do not hesitate to contact us at Footsense podiatry.

General & Acute Foot care

Sports taping is known to help aid in repair from acute injuries such as ankle sprains. Massage therapy can help reduce inflammation in the surrounding damaged muscle tissue and dry needling is able to get rid of any tight muscle fibres which will allow better performance straight after treatment.